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Website Hosting

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is an online server that stores your website, then it's accessible on the world wide web.

Do I need website hosting?

If you have a website and you want it to be accessible online so anyone in the world can visit it, then you need website hosting.

I just want a website, I don't need hosting do I?

If your new to the online world, its understandable to be confused about website hosting. If you want a website, no one can see the website unless its hosted online via a server. So when building a website you will definitely need website hosting so the site can go online for anyone in the world to access.

What is "Web Storage"?

This is the amount of memory that you will have to store your website and email accounts online.

What is "Bandwidth"?

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Bandwidth is based on how much traffic (visits) you will get on your site. For every visitor to your site is on your server, by being on your server they are downloading, etc. This will use up transfer data known as bandwidth, if it goes over the limit for the month then the website may go offline. Don't worry we offer 100% support and will help you through any bandwidth issues.

How do I get website hosting?

Asap Websites only offer the best website hosting services. We have the highest grade servers to offer our clients, from shared servers to dedicated servers, from small businesses to big companies. All you have to do is contact us and tell us you want to host your website, we will do the rest.

I don't know how to use it, what do I do?

Asap Websites will take care of everything, from setting it up to maintaining the reliability. We will overlook your server often to check if it's healthy and to make sure your website always stays online.

How much does it cost?

It does depend on what plan you choose, starting from just $15 per month, we include our 100% support and maintenance.

I have seen hosting plans for less that $14.95 per month, why?

Like anything, you get what you pay for. When you have a business, why risk the issues of the server failing often, file corruption, email downtime. All to save less than $100/year? It's not worth the hassle, when these issues come along, there is no one to talk to compared to us providing 100% support via phone or email. Another thing to realise is how slow, websites hosted on these cheap plans are very slow loading and can put your customers off from visiting in the future, not to mention Google rank slow websites at the very bottom against your competitors.

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