Social Marketing

Leave the headache of social media to us, we can set you up

Social Networking

Social media is where the most advertising gets around. People all around the world use it and if they like your business they will like your social pages which notifies their freinds. It starts with one and keeps multiplying.

Asap Websites will set up all your social networking pages. We adjust your pages to suite your website as best as possible. We match colours, designs, logos and we create any galleries needed.


13 million Australians use Facebook, 1.06 billion worldwide


2.5 million Australians use Twitter, 200 million worldwide


12.4 million Australians use Youtube, 1 billion worldwide


3.3 million Australians use Linkedin, 277 million worldwide


4.4 million Australians use Tumblr


1.6 million Australians use Instagram, 100 million worldwide


440 thousand Australians use Pinterest, 70 million worldwide


65 thousand Australians use Google Plus, 300 million worldwide

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